How To Become A Stunt Car Driver

If you have already watched action movies chances are you have probably seen a male and female stunt car driver. Stunt drives get compensated to drive at a high speed, hangout with popular celebrities, and do amazing tricks using their cars. However, this kind of job is not just about barrel rolls, flips, and chases, but it also requires dedication and effort.

Do you really want to become a stunt car driver? If so, then follow the tips listed below.

Tips on How to Become A Stunt Car Driver

  1. Look for an agent and work as an extra to get yourself on-screen in TV and movies

This one of the most important things that you can place on your CV that will surely get the attention of agents and casting directors.

Such people are likely to hire a candidate who has enough experience working on movie sets because they have a better understanding of what they cannot or can do when the cameras start to roll.

  1. Branch out yourself and practice your talents and skills

Usually, stunt car drivers that are hired possess not only one but a number of skills. Casting directors, as well as agents, want those who are capable of driving at higher speed, doing a lot of tricks, and droving different kinds of vehicles. With this in mind, if you have only one specialization, you may find it difficult to find a job.

  1. Be Patient

You need to keep filming works and sending CVs. You might not get the job offer as fast as you want but it’s a part of the process. This is an industry that is hard to break, that is why you need to prepare yourself to make the necessary connections and most importantly wait until something comes up.

However, while you are waiting, you need to keep yourself busy too. Look for another work that will keep you motivated. What’s more, you need to establish a strong digital presence through a website or social media and post videos of your training sessions constantly. Your portfolios will let employers offer you the once-over before calling you.


Becoming a stunt car driver is not that easy. But as long as you know what you are doing you will become successful in this kind of work. Nevertheless, in addition to the above-mentioned tips, you should attend stunt driving schools as well.

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