Know About Concrete Cutting in Sydney

Concrete cutting is the process of removal of concrete by constrained sawing and drilling. It should be performed by the skilled operators and also by using special saws that are made of diamond impregnated or corundum blades. The modern concrete cutting leaves a smooth finish, unlike the old method.

Reasons to choose concrete cutting in Sydney:

There are various reasons for cutting a constructed concrete-like renovation, extension, opening for doors and windows and for wire or pipework. There are many companies in Sydney which help us to cut concrete for any reasons. Based on the type of concrete and the size, the workers will decide the type of saw to be used. If the concrete size is small then it is better to use hand saw and also for precise work the workers choice will be hand saw. For medium strength and space they will use electric saw and for a large area, the workers will use diesel or power saw.

Types of concrete cutting in Sydney:

The two main types of concrete sawing. They are dry and wet. The dry technique is used in the open area as the name mention, this technique does not need water. The disadvantage of this technique is dust. The wet sawing technique is used in a closed area and also for small space this works in the wet condition so they need plenty of water during the process but the advantage of this technique is dust prevention.

The concrete cutting can be done both horizontally and also vertically with a wide range of concrete cutting saws. There are different methods to cut concrete such as diamond saw cutting for rapid and accurate work, concrete wall sawing is similar to diamond cut except the position of the blade and it is used for cutting walls and also the high ceilings. The next method is slab cutting or flat cutting it is used for flat slabs. For cutting a particular shape on the concrete we use wire saw cutting in this technique wire rope is fixed with diamond beads. The main benefit of this technique is that there is no crack formation around the work area.

Some of the commonly used concrete cutting machine in Sydney are Brokk110 and Brokk160. With the help of these machines, we can do our work faster and cleaner. The noise or the vibrant created during work is very less when compared to the other type of concrete cutting. This method is very safe and smart and also we can achieve pinpoint accuracy using these machines. It can be operated in hard to reach and confined spaces, and fits through a standard doorway.

Safety is very important and considered first before starting the cutting process. For eye safety, the workers must use goggles and also face shield. Use earplug for ear safety. It is mandatory to use helmets for not only the workers but also all the people in those nearby surroundings. The workers should wear heavy work shoes or boot shoes during the process. For hand safety, the workers should wear leather or rubber gloves.

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