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Why Proper Alignment Is Important For Your Tires

An alignment service may be recommended by your mechanic. This should be done about every six months, or as soon as you hit anything that could cause damage.

What is alignment exactly? It is an important tool for suspension tuning that can influence the operation of your vehicle’s tires. Your car’s alignment describes a complex system that includes a number of suspension angles being measured and various suspension components being adjusted.

Proper alignment is crucial for tire wear, comfort, fuel efficiency, and tire wear.

How can your suspension alignment be changed?

Normal wear. Potholes Curbs. Minor accidents.

Your suspension parts can wear out, or if your suspension is hit by a pothole, curb, or other minor accident, it could cause alignment problems. It is important to align your tires and wheels. You could endanger your tires and affect the vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Tire Performance

Uneven pressure can cause uneven suspension alignment to make your car work harder than it should. This is because the tire has more resistance than the road surface.

Tires can wear unevenly due to this resistance, eventually causing them to become worn on one side. Driving on uneven tires can be dangerous and could lead to you needing to buy tires sooner than necessary with proper alignment.


Tires that wear unevenly may cause vibrations in your steering wheel. Tires that have uneven tread may produce more road noise.

Fuel Efficiency

Tires that are unevenly worn will make your car work harder. The more difficult the car works, it will burn more fuel. When the tires become unevenly worn and out of alignment, you will end up spending more on gas.

Alignment Verification System

Alignment Verification System technology (AVS), gives you driving confidence, and can help you save money down to the road.

If you feel vibrations in your steering wheel, or if there are no rolling wheels available, it is a sign that your vehicle’s alignment needs to be checked. Small wheel misalignments can often go unnoticed, which can lead to unnecessary fuel consumption and wear of tires.

innovative Alignment Verification System technology (AVS), which alerts drivers when it is time to align their vehicles, helps reduce overall driving costs.

For a comfortable and confident ride, make sure you keep your alignment in check. You’ll also save money in the long-term!

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