Tips for Your New Electric Car Purchase

Electric cars are clean and greener and getting more popular. Thinking about buying an electric car? There are more options now than there ever was as manufacturers are rolling out different models. There is a lot to consider, from government grants to installing an at-home charging station.

The first thing to consider in the initial stages of choosing an electric car is what type? An all-electric car with a battery-driven motor or a plug-in hybrid; where the battery and motor are supplemented by a combustion engine. Electric cars have a reduced range when compared to the hybrid, but, electric cars are cheaper because they don’t need a conventional fuel to subsidise them. If you live rurally or need to do a lot of long-distance driving the extra range offered by a hybrid would be beneficial. Hybrids are more efficient than cars solely powered by fossil fuels with the bonus of lower emissions. The government offers a plug-in car grant to help towards the cost of such vehicles; they can cover up to 35% of the cost – dependent on the CO2 emissions.

Electric cars can be charged locally at charging ports but charging at home is the easiest option. You can choose to charge via domestic sockets, however this can be slow and dangerous, and if you are going to do this you should check your circuits and wiring. Installing a dedicated port is recommended, grants are available to help towards the cost of installation. Research can provide a list of accessible charging ports across the country if you need to charge on the move. If there is a point at work could be essential and save you money if you charge every day whilst you’re at work, you won’t have to at home as much. Before buying look into local charging points or consider installing one at your home.

Currently, electric cars are completely exempt from car tax, they should also be unaffected by upcoming changes to the car tax laws – if they have zero emissions. Unless the cost of the car is over £40,000. Although it is possible to get an electric car inexpensively. Electric cars have been on the market for almost a decade and so it is possible to buy a decent second-hand model relatively cheap.

The range is important, be sure to check which models have the maximum if you have a long daily commute. This can vary greatly between models. Usually, it’s about eighty miles. Do not take a manufacturers word as their estimates can be ambitious comparative to real-world experience. The batteries needed in electric cars can limit the boot space. The same can go for hybrids. You should always check the boot before purchasing.

Some models found online won’t necessarily be available in this country so it’s important when searching to check for electric cars available in the UK.

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