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Buying Quality Used Racks For Garage Or Factory

What do you do when your garage is overrun by clutter and urgently demands a makeover? Well, one of the sure-fire ways to reclaim and improve your garage space without breaking the bank is installing a racking system. This not only helps you eliminate clutter and maximize space but also gives you greater convenience when working.

While a new storage rack has its own benefits, it represents a high cost for many factories and individuals. The best way to cut down on the costs without compromising on the quality is to buy used racks. But how do you ensure you are buying quality racks?  Here are some of the proven ways to ensure you’re not only buying affordable, but quality used racks:

Supplier Reputation

The first step to ensuring quality used racks is to confirm the supplier’s reputation. Consider buying from a reliable source that has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. 

The vendor should be able to provide you with current references, and they can answer specific questions about any used racks. Some of the information includes the capacity, condition, and prior use of the racking system you’re looking to buy.

Versatility and Variety

Used racks are available in different shapes and sizes. This ensures that you get one that suits your purpose despite your requirements in terms of height, length, and carrying capacity.  A supplier with a huge inventory also increases your chances of finding the right type of extensions if your storage needs grow in the future.  

Check out a variety of quality used storage racks for all sizes of auto parts storage needs.

If you’re buying from an end-user, you should determine whether the rack can be extended down the road. Establish if the brand is readily available in the local market in case you’d want to modify your system. This saves you the immense costs of shipping a single racking part from far-flung locations.

Metal quality

Storage racks come in a variety of material. The most common are steel racks, but there are others made from fiberglass and aluminium. Racks made of steel are perfect for garage or factory storage purposes owing to its improved stability. Steel racks are usually more durable, which ensure they can hold up over time.

Unlike steel ones, aluminium and Fibreglass racks can be less stable, which means they rarely last long and might not withstand the heavy items. 

Check out some of the quality used storage systems that are suitable for both businesses and individuals.

Date of manufacture

Next, you need to enquire about the date of manufacture of the rack you’re looking to buy.  The supplier should provide you with the original date the racks were made. With this information, you can derive other crucial details about the racks such as the seismic codes and steel quality.

Make sure that the racks you buy meet the seismic safety regulations within your area if there are any.


Repair records

Has the rack system you’re looking to buy at any point been damaged to the extent of requiring repair? If so, you should seek access to that information to help you determine the quality of the used storage racks before buying.

Maintenance and Usage History

Seek to know how the racking system has been used previously. Also, get to understand the kind of maintenance performed on the product. The more the information you gather, the better you’ll appreciate the quality of the racking system in question.

Bottom Line

Having the factors mentioned above at your fingertip is a sure bet to buying a quality used racking system. Beyond the racks’ appearance, always remember to ask whether the model still in production. This lowers the risk of purchasing a racking system that’s already discontinued for poor product integrity among other reasons.

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