Removing Unwanted Items and Eliminating Dangers

Are you interested in learning how to effectively use brake cleaner?

You will need to know about the benefits of non flammable brake cleaner before getting started with a brake cleaning job.

Quality brake cleaner will remove the following from your brake parts:

  • Oil
  • Dirt
  • Grease
  • Fluid

Non flammable brake cleaner will eliminate dangers and unwanted items and it will not deplete the ozone. There is not a risk of starting a fire when used.

This can be used on the following:

  • Brake linings
  • Pads
  • Drums
  • Cylinders
  • Springs
  • Other areas of a braking mechanism

Easy to Use

Non flammable brake cleaner is easy to use and it is similar to using a can of spray paint. Keep in mind, some manufacturers will have slightly different instructions for use. Most applications are going to be very similar in terms of the process.

You are going to start by removing the tire. Hold the can approximately one foot away from your brakes. Begin by spraying at the top of the brake parts.

You are going to move downward as you spray. You will remove all of the durst and dirt as you spray. Many other contaminants will be eliminated as you continue to spray away from the parts on your brake.

The Cleaner Gets into the Crevices Easily

As the spraying begins to take affect, the cleaner will get into the crevice. It is important to know that all grime, oil and grease need to be removed from your brake parts.

When the cleaner is sprayed it will get into the crevices and will be loosened up. If there are some stubborn areas, you may need to apply a second application.

All of the unwanted substances will be washed away and your part will be clean. Just let it air dry after the application. You can wipe it with a clean cloth too. After you are finished spraying your brake parts be sure to dispose the used brake cleaner safely and properly.

Reducing Excess Noise by Cleaning Brake Parts

Many people have claimed that the cleaner brake parts have reduced excess noises. This may be because contaminated brakes tend to increase noises in vehicles.

Eliminating dirt and grease with quality brake cleaner cannot pose threats to your vehicle and might keep it running smoother and quieter.

A Generous Spray

When you use brake cleaner, you will want to spray the content very generously all around your brake calipers, drums, discs and pads.

You can spray some of the cleaner right on your wheels if you notice added dust or any accumulated substances on them.

You can repeat these steps until all grease and debris are washed away and parts are clean. A lint-free cloth is the best to use if you opt to wipe the part down after use.

Brake Cleaner Use: Helpful Tips and Simple Steps

It is a good idea to use a garage-style hoist when you clean your brake parts. If you do not have access to one, you can easily use a sturdy jack stand. You will need more than one jack stand for this type of cleaning job.

The following tips and steps will be helpful:

  • Jack up your vehicle
  • Place it carefully on the jack stand
  • Pull off one wheel and start cleaning (replace the wheel)
  • Continue to repeat until all four wheels are finished
  • Jack up all four wheels at once or both front wheels for a smoother process
  • Use quality eye protection for this job
  • Use a container underneath in order to catch all falling items
  • Spray from a distance of 18 to 24 inches
  • Do not get spray painted, plastic or rubber surfaces (you can cover surfaces with a tarp)
  • Always start from the top and move downward
  • After this is completed, take road test for safety

It is important to be fully equipped for any job. Take your time as you use the brake cleaner and get the job done safely and properly. The road test will ensure that the job has been completed safely and you should have a smoother and quieter ride.

A Powerful Blast and Professional Strength

The non-flammable brake cleaner will provide you with a powerful blast and it offers professional strength. Expect superior performance once the job has been completed. This powerful blasting spray will dissolve the unwanted substances while drying quickly and it will not leave any residue.

You will not need to worry about dirty brakes once you have mastered the art of brake cleaning with this non flammable cleaner.

Clean brakes tend to last longer and will stop more efficiently. Brake cleaning has been simplified with the help of a powerful blast of professional strength.

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