Getting information about used cars through Ford VIN decoder

The checking of codes of cars for getting information of car’s history, current condition and involvement in any criminal offences can be done by both paid and non-paid mediums. Ford VIN decoder is information provider tool which decodes the code of car and provides information.

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Steps to get free checking of VIN code before purchasing the used car-

  1. Finding the number –These codes are mostly present at door frame on driver’s side but sometimes they are found on dashboard near windshield. The person who wants to check the used car can ask the seller to provide the VIN number before purchase so that he may get details of the car. If the seller is not providing the number then it’s better to walk away from the sale.
  2. Using internet- the second step while checking the car is visiting the vehicle history and current position through code checking process on internet. There are so many government authorized websites which provide details and information of the cars using codes. These sites provide free code checking services and the buyer can easily use search engines for visiting these sites without paying for checking.

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  1. Free report – there are many sites which provide free checking of the code but charge money for sending the report of the details of car, that’s why the buyer should find those sites which provide free report after code checking. The site officials send these reports either through mails or immediately send on screen. These details include if the car was ever stolen or caught in criminal offences.
  2. Being on the lookout – if the car you are going to purchase was never insured by company then you will not get any precise information about the car’s history even after code checks. In that case, you will have to meet the seller and ask maximum questions regarding the history of the car. The buyer should make sure that he asks all appropriate questions about the condition of the car.

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