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Why you should never buy fake followers

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Many people are looking for a way to be noticed on Instagram. Instagram is the place where the number of followers does count. If you have many followers, the more people will want to follow you, the more your brand will be respected and the more your product and services will sell. This has made many businesses and people turn to buy Instagram followers. Because of the demand, the supply of Instagram followers’ services has also gone up. Many people would sell your Instagram followers in an instant these days. There are two types of Instagram followers that you can buy. You can buy organic/real followers or buy cheap Instagram followers. You must buy real followers because bots can do the following to your account

They don’t engage

You should never settle for fake Instagram followers because they are no way for them to engage. Your account might have many followers but that will only act as a decoration. You will never receive comments or even likes from fake followers. Your fake followers won’t care about you and they might end up ruining your account.  Many companies would want to charge you separately to get a boost in your engagement. Before you accept any followers, you should do research and even use third-party verification tools. Make sure that the followers are not bots.

You will get blacklisted

Some many people and businesses have been blacklisted because of having fake followers. You will merry because your account has many followers but when third party auditing tools are placed against you, your potential partners and businesses will run away from you. When you have many Instagram followers but zero engagement, it can be very easy to get noticed. Although many people consider buying followers on Instagram, it will be best if you considered Instagram followers who are real. 

You might get suspended

Believe it or not, it is very possible to get suspended when all you have is fake accounts. Instagram is a social media platform that has invested a lot in people. It is a platform where many people would wish to spend most of their time. When there are many fraudulent accounts, no one would feel human anymore. Those in charge of Instagram are aware that people are buying cheap Instagram followers. It is because of many fraudulent accounts and fake followers that the platform has decided to take measures suitable for helping reduce unwelcoming behavior on the platform. Many accounts have been purged so far. That means, when you have fake followers, you should be expecting them to disappear anytime. Buying Instagram followers and accounts violates the terms and conditions of the service. So, if you are going to invest in buying Instagram followers, make sure that you are buying real followers. Followers who will engage and participate in activities posted in your account. That way, you will benefit from the account.

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