What To Check In Your Used Golf Trolley Warranty

Purchasing a used golf trolley is a pocket-friendly idea. But you need to ensure that the condition of the used golf cart is at its best and you would not have to spend money getting it repaired more frequently. 

Things to consider in the used golf trolley warranty:

 Used golf trolley is repaired for some improvements before it is set-up for sale. Hence, you need to ensure that you are buying the refurbished golf trolley, check for the best one from the certified dealer. Though the cart is given a fresh coat of paint and new tires, check for the motor, bearings, controller and batteries to confirm the condition. It helps in avoid spending the extra money to repair on a refurbished cart.

Next is the age of the old golf trolley. There are old trolleys from the 90s and even 80s that run just as well as newer models. But keep in mind that it is difficult to get the parts of the older model to get it repaired when needed. And the older models might need more repairs than the newer ones. 

The two-foremost types of golf carts are gas-powered and electric golf trolley. And both the types have their own set of pros and cons. Ensure to spend enough time to do your research to arrive at the best one that suits your needs. The gas-powered cart is faster than the electric carts but requires regular maintenance. On the other hand, the electric golf carts are low maintenance ones, but, you need to ensure to have access to a battery charger. The battery might need special care for increasing its durability. Ensure to check the battery pack when you buy the electric golf trolley. 

Check for the warranty of the battery from the manufacturer when you purchase the used golf trolley. When the warranty is included, do your research on the reliability of the manufacturer. 

Check for the age of the battery, corrosion, or any bulging on the sides. All of these conditions indicates that it would not last much longer. Warranty is in place for the protection on the consumers.

Warranties protect the buyer from any manufacturer defects that could be there when you purchase a golf trolley. The insurance policy for the cart is different from the warranty. Insurance helps you in case of any accidental damages or any other issues that are out of scope from a manufacturer warranty. The best is to purchase a golf cart that would not break down during the warranty period. 

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