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Understand What Brake System Flushes Are

If you want your vehicle to be as safe as possible, you need to care for it. If the parts get old and worn out, then it does not function completely correctly anymore. The brakes, in particular, are in need of regular maintenance so you can safely stop your vehicle quickly every single time you need to. There are actually many different kinds of brake service you should receive consistently, but this simple guide will focus on one.

The Brake System Flush

Every once in a while, you need to have a brake system flush. You can think of this type of maintenance in the same way as changing your oil every once in a while. It is recommended that a car have its brake fluid replaced every 30,000 miles or three years, whichever one comes first. Remember, you should top up your brake fluid every few months in addition to getting the system flushed occasionally.

The process is actually quite simple. The old fluid is drained from the vehicle and new brake fluid is put in. It can be done quickly and is relatively inexpensive. Additionally, there are mobile brake services that can come to your home and do the process there, which saves you time and effort or can be a life-saver if your car’s brake system breaks down unexpectedly.

One thing you may want to consider before getting your brakes flushed is how environmentally friendly the mechanics are. Brake fluid can be recycled, which is better than simply discarding it. A responsible mechanic will advertise collecting and recycling the old brake fluid. Some mechanics can also do a test beforehand to be certain a flush really is necessary, which could save you the cost of a pointless flush.

Why Is a Flush Necessary?

You may be wondering if flushing your brake system really is necessary. The reason behind it is actually quite simple. Over time, water will inevitably get into the brake fluid little by little. It is very difficult to compress brake fluid, but very easy to compress water. This means when you press the brake pedal, the water in the brake fluid is compressed, rather than fully sending that pressure to the brakes. This means you need to press harder on your brake pedal to get the same braking power. If it gets bad enough, you will lose the ability to brake altogether. So, removing the water from the brake fluid really is important.

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