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Prepare Your Car for Shipment – The Best Tips to Remember!

Are you planning to transport your precious car to your new place? Always trust a professional auto transport company. You can forget about the hassle and ease your burden. However, before that you need to know how to prepare your vehicle for the transport.

Clean Your Car Inside-Out

You might ask why wash your car before transportation? Well, this is because any scratch or dent will be visible before or after the transportation. You need to inspect your car for possible damages before handing over to the transport company. Also check for leaks as you don’t want it to soil the car during the transit.

Remove any personal belongings like cables, chargers and other things that are not secured. This will help you to avoid theft and things jostling about in the car. Remove any documents you leave in your dashboard. The transportation company would not liable for the loss.

Assemble Documents Related to Your Car

You should prepare your documents beforehand, so that there is no trouble in the last moment. You will be signing a bill of lading, which states the pickup and delivery address, condition of your car at the time of pickup and any specific issue with the car. You must sign the bill twice – once, before the shipment and later, after checking the delivery.

How to Transport a Car to Another State |

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What to Check before Handing Over Your Car?

These are the things you absolutely need to strike down the checklist-

  • Disable your car alarm system, if there is any.
  • Never fuel up your car full. Just leave some for loading in or unloading the truck.
  • Check the tire pressure. Both too less inflated tire and too much inflated tire can cause inconvenience or accident.
  • Remove any custom accessories or parts of your car. You should not take the risk of theft or damage in case of unforeseen incident.
  • Lock the car, but give the spare key to the transport driver. Never give your only car key. Prepare a spare beforehand.
  • Record your car’s condition as it was before the shipment. Just take a picture or a video as a proof. Being cautious always serves the best.

Now as you prepare to have your car shipped always go for the best service available in the market. Compare services carefully and see to it that you get a smooth and secured transportation of your car. The tips mentioned will successfully guide you and equip you with right knowledge about what to expect. 

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