Motorcycle Crash Bars : What Are They and Are They Worth The Investment?

A motorcycle might unexpectedly hit the ground in various situations, so motorcycle protection, such as bark busters handguards is crucial for riders. Besides this, storage solutions like enduristan saddlebags can also help motorcycle riders keep their belongings safe as they traverse different road conditions.

While on the road, riders can lose control of their motorcycle. They might also lose control of the bike or fall due to speeding. Even falls can happen when a motorcycle is stationary in a parking lot.

Skid plates are made of durable aluminum and can protect your bike while on the road. This helps protect the underside of your motorcycle from any flying debris you might encounter on your adventure. It can absorb impacts from roots and rocks, which can cause costly damage and prevent you from using your motorcycle.

Riders may also consider purchasing motorcycle crash bars to protect their motorcycles and themselves. Motorcycle crash bars refer to tubing-like pieces that can be attached to the frame of a motorbike or its engine.

The motorcycle’s crash bars can be made of mild steel or stainless steel. If the bike falls or loses balance, the crash bars protect it from the ground. There are crash bars for all motorcycle styles and types, including sports bikes, naked adventure, and sports bikes.

Depending on the manufacturer, motorcycle crash bars can be made with diameters up to 22mm and 27mm. Many manufacturers make crash bars that motorcycle owners can install easily. Motorcycle owners can contact their dealers to have the process completed.

Crash bars are manufactured by creating a prototype directly on the motorbike. After shaping the tubes according to the bike’s design, the prototype is used as a reference point to develop a welding model to be manufactured.

For more information about motorcycle crash bars, here is an infographic from Motorrad Garage.

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