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Living in the Fast Lane: Ferrari Club in Middle Tennessee promotes the culture of the wealthy and the extreme.

This is one in all hundreds of pictures from the Motive Car Club, an elite institution of aficionados of supercars — unique, high-overall performance and expensive — from Nashville and elsewhere. The membership became thrust into the highlight closing week whilst one in all its individuals, NFL player Stephen Gostkowski got a speeding ticket.

But the Motive Car Club, is believed to close down freeways and deal with small airports as their personal playgrounds. They hire helicopters to take photos in their automobiles and recruit bikini-clad girls to scrub their rides. In a manner, the membership’s sports spotlight the divide among the wealthy and all other people, displaying how a number of the rich spend their time. It’s a difference now no longer misplaced on all unique automobile fans. “It’s nearly a bit embarrassing to take them out — the approach to the arena is with the economic organization now,”

Don Keeney, a 45-year-old Nashville resident, says of his fleet of supercars, a number of which might be really well worth upwards of 1,000,000 dollars. Don Keeney says he enjoys gathering at sportscar activities as a hobby. He’s frolicked withinside the equal circles as Motive Car Club individuals. Members have additionally attended a charity automobile display he hosts each year


Clint Newman, a 41-year-old dentist from Nashville, has joined Motive Car Club for numerous activities. He says the membership continually tells drivers to keep in mind that the roads aren’t closed for them. “If something terrible takes place due to the fact they are doing something stupid, it places the folks that prepare it at an actual disadvantage,” says Newman. “If you have a hundred automobiles, ninety of such cars are going to live at a slow tempo.”


Alex Ojjeh, a 33-year-old private investor from Memphis, hosted a lunch at his home in Belle Meade for one of the Motive Car Club activities, which became described as the most important collection of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s in the south. Such activities aren’t approximately riding rapid on roads — they’re approximately socializing with like-minded people, Newman said.

Many instances they gather for goodhearted activities. The membership has prepared visits to ill sufferers at Children’s Hospitals and raised cash for a scholarship fund in honor of Marines killed in Afghanistan. Despite the unwillingness of different individuals to speak about the membership, Newman says it’s now no longer a secretive or selective institution. There aren’t any club dues and no certain leaders. “There’s no exclusivity,” he said. “You don’t get a card for the membership.”

So who’re those men? They are businessmen, financiers, doctors, developers and builders and automobile enterprise men, in line with Newman, the Middle Tennessee membership leader. “Some of them simply come from money, humble and simple,” he says. Motive is a totally famous automobile membership — recognizable to pretty much everyone withinside the unique automobile world, in line with Newman. But it doesn’t range from any of the handful of different nearby golf clubs discovered throughout the country, he said.

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