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Know the breakdown assistance service if your car breaks down in the middle of the road!

Even a professional car driver cannot say if the car breaks down in the middle of the road. One cannot predict the future of the machine. It is all destiny. But, what will you do if it happens to you? Straightway, you will call for emergency breakdown assistance service. That’s all. If you call the professional towing service, they will arrive in limited time and will tow your car. After that your car will be dropped at the nearest car mechanic workshop.

Unfortunately, the experience of having a broken car is frequent. Some wait for the tow, others are forced to put their knowledge into practice. But, hiring a professional breakdown assistance service is practical. If the problem is not critical, it is often seen on the spot. If you run out of gas, the towing service can fill the tank so that you can drive to the nearest gas station. So, there are services that depends on the situation and service provider. But, in any way it is you who is benefited.

Motorway or expressway breakdown

Stopping or parking the car on a motorway is prohibited. However, when a breakdown or accident occurs it is necessary to proceed with maximum safety. Move the vehicle away from the road and turn on the hazard lights. Staying in the middle is dangerous for everyone. Call for assistance. Use your mobile phone to call the emergency towing or break down assistance service.

Immobilization on a motorway represents a potential hazard. Many motorway accidents result from crashes in damaged or immobilized vehicles. Do not wave to other vehicles to ask for assistance, do not leave the car without ensuring safety conditions and do not stand beside the vehicle. Only call the professional.

Tunnel failure (middle)

Stop the engine to avoid the emission of toxic fumes. Do the essentials. Turn on the emergency lights, put on the reflective vest and mark the area with the triangle. If the breakdown does not allow you to continue your journey, passengers should get out of the car and go to the nearest emergency exit. In the event of a fire in the tunnel, pull the car over as far to the right as possible and clear the lanes for emergency vehicles. Prepare to proceed as quickly as possible in the opposite direction to the fire. Until that time, turn off the engine.

Conclusion: Country road breakdown

Look for a quiet area or parking. If you are in a busy area, pull over as far to the right as possible and turn on the hazard lights. If you cannot solve the problem, call for breakdown assistance. Don’t forget to turn on the emergency lights. Always think about safety.

Protect yourself from future problems through online assistance with breakdown protection. If your car or motorcycle breaks down and on-site repair is not possible, professional towing service provider transports your vehicle to a workshop of your choice, with paid labor. Pay only the cost of the parts. Consult the conditions of the Fault Protection.

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