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Best Hot Summer Tips For Car Owners

The car quickly to the oven at temperatures of well over 30 degrees. The blazing sun and heated asphalt put cars and motorists to the test.

The experts of the motor vehicle guilds give tips for relaxed and safe driving. Sufficient cooling water, disc fluid and oil should be a matter of course. What to consider in the hot months!?


Cooling water refilling or replacing?

If the coolant is too old, even in the summer heat, the smallest particles can dissolve and settle in other places in the cooling circuit. This can clog the water circuit and overheat the engine. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer in the maintenance schedule, replacement is recommended approximately every two years. The level of cooling water in the reservoir should always be between Minimum and Maximum. Since the cooling water moves in a closed circuit, it does not evaporate. However, if it becomes less, a leak must therefore occur, and the car belongs to the master car company. If you fill up water again and again instead, you risk that oxygen also gets into the system with the wet, which in turn causes steel to rust.


Car paint tip

You should always try to put your car in a shelter, the sun can very easily damage car paint, after that it will not look nice and you will need to repair sun damaged car paint, so just follow these easy guidelines and you will never have such problem.


First, look, then wiping the water filling

When the sun is shining, clean windshields are the be-all and end-all. when filling the wiping water tank, it is important to take a close look, so that there is no confusion, for example with the radiator water. The lid of the wiper water tank is marked with a windscreen on many models. Water alone is not enough to clean the windscreen. The Auto experts recommend a disc Cleaner Concentrate and also give the tip to first fill the water and then the concentrate.


Oil cleans and cools the engine

What many do not know: engine oil also has the task of cooling engine parts that cannot release their heat directly to the cooling water. For this purpose, even at very high temperatures, the engine oil must not become so thin that the lubricating film “cracks” at the crankshaft, for example, and metallic surfaces touch each other. For the oil change, the change intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturers should be strictly adhered to.

What does ATF actually mean?

If the warning lights of the instruments light up with ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), A/T or with transmission or gear symbols, this indicates a malfunction of the automatic transmission. As a rule, the driver does not need to worry about the automatic transmission oil, which is taken over during the inspection of the car master operation. Should the automatic transmission oil still overheat when driving in a trailer or at high temperatures in the mountains, the operating instructions help: as a rule, you should stop and turn off the engine so that the oil filling can cool down – until the warning lamp goes out. However, some manufacturers also advise keeping the engine running in gear position “P”.


Refuel, but not quite full

At high summer temperatures, the fuel can certainly warm up and expand. If the Tank is completely filled and the car is in the heat, the fuel can leak through the vent pipe or fuel cap. However, who starts to the big journey and immediately starts, can certainly “run once full”.



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