Vehicle tyre care and maintenance

Simple Tyre Care Tips for Summer -

Proper maintenance of your vehicle tyre is vital. The excessive wear and tear to premature failure and investing in new tyres is costly than the maintenance of the existing ones. Listed are some simple yet important tips on tyre maintenance:

Inspection of the tyres

Inspect your vehicle tyre to prevent any tyre failure at its early stage. Check the tyre surface and sidewall for any irregularities such as bulges, cuts and cracks. The inner surface also should be check occasionally. Cracks on the tyre due to stone, glass and other debris can get wider over time. Check the rims for any damages.

Never pull out the nail, if you notice it as embedded in the tubeless tyre, yet the pressure is normal. This will cause the air to escape. The best to do is to get it repaired at the earliest.

Check the tread wear

The treadwear is the indicator that is marked on the outer wall of the tyre with a small arrow. Follow the arrow on the thread face to find the wear indicator on the surface of the tyre. If the outermost layer of the tyres is seen as touching the tread wear indicator, get the tyre replaced. The tyre with 2mm depth that is left should be immediately replaced.

Tyre pressure

Check the tyre pressure every two weeks. Improper inflation results in uneven wear of the tyre surface and has a higher chance of bursting on the highway running state. Ensure to get the tyres checked when they are cold. Check for the recommended tyre pressure that is mentioned on the driver-side door sill and in the owner’s manual.

Tyre rotation

Try to rate the tyres on all the sides every 5,000-10,000km to have equal wear across all the tyres and extend their service life. The rotation of the tyres should be done according to the type of vehicle – front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Be smooth while driving

Harsh driving or high speed with emergency brakes causes the entire wrath endured by the tyres. Rough braking invites tyre to skid, that may lead to mishaps and also takes a direct toll of the car tyre life span, leading to premature wear of the tyres. Ensure to drive at the neutral speed and prevent applying brakes frequently.  Also, note that the speed capability of the car gets limited to the lowest speed-rated tyres.

Wheel alignment 

Check the wheel alignment regularly. The angles of the wheels should en adjusted as recommended by the manufacture specification. It helps in maximising the life of the tyre, and even wear of all the tyres in the vehicle. 

Wheel alignment should be done after every 5,000 km distance travel

Additional guidelines for tyre maintenance


  • Fit the tyres with the deepest tread depth on the rear axle
  • Fit radials on the rear axle, if radials & non-radials should be fitted to the same vehicle,
  • Don’t mix radials and non-radials on the same axle
  • Always fit in sets of four, when fitting the all seasonal tyre for maximised performance
  • Do not fit tyres with different speed ratings
  • Consult a dealer for optimum rim width and carefully check vehicle and tyre clearances when changing tyre size.


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