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Top 6 car habits you need to add to your daily life

Getting a car is no easy feat these days. With the economy the way it is worldwide, a lot of people struggle a lot before they make it to their first car! It may take even longer for you to get to the point where you have the car of your dreams! But even the car of your dreams will easily deteriorate unless you’ve got some good car habits down! If you don’t know what these habits may be, you’ve landed on the right post! We’re going to be going over 6 habits you need to add to your daily life!

  1. Make sure you’re always focused
    One of the most common things in the world right now is that life is very paced for everyone. We’re all always thinking about the next thing we have to do before we finish doing what we’re already doing! That’s something that we can mostly get away with just fine, but when it comes to driving, it can be a very dangerous thing! Get into the habit of focusing, clear your mind and when you’re driving, just focus on driving, nothing else! No more zoning out and suddenly remembering that you were driving!
  2. Make sure all your mirrors are properly aligned
    Before you start driving, make sure that all of your mirrors are properly aligned. This is something you should be doing even if you’re the only one that drives your car, but especially if you’re sharing the car with other drivers! Each person has a different height and your eye placement will differ from someone else’s! You should adjust your side mirrors to the point that you can see the back handle of your car, that way you can be sure that there are no blind spots left! Even if it seems like a waste of time, the extra 2 minutes you spend making sure you can see everything will make a huge difference in the way you drive later on! 
  3. Remember to keep up with maintenance
    Whether you’re seeing warning lights or not, create a maintenance schedule for the different little things your car may need, and then stick to it! A lot of people have a habit of just letting things be until something actually breaks! But that’s not the way to go with cars, you need to make sure you’re always keeping up with the maintenance so nothing breaks in the first place! It’ll ensure that your car stays in good shape for much longer! 
  4. Don’t drag your brakes
    Too many people drag their brakes when they’re going downhill… a lot! And that’s one of the best ways of making sure your brake pads wear out pretty much instantly! Instead of dragging your brakes, switch your car into a lower gear and slowly press the brakes instead! That way your car will come to a stop and you won’t ruin your breaks! This might get some taking used to, but you’re going to get it if you really put your mind to it! 
  5. Always keep a spare
    One of the most annoying parts about owning a car is making sure you’re always keeping track of your keys! Although that seems like an easy task, with how busy and preoccupied everyone always is, it’s very easy to lose track of them and find yourself locked out of the car! Don’t wait to be in that position to do something about it, take the proactive approach instead! Make a habit of keeping a spare in your wallet, or anywhere else that’s always going to be accessible for you! If you don’t already have a spare, call a locksmith in Birmingham or a locksmith in your general area to make a spare for you! That way, you’ll never get locked out, even if you lose your main key! 

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