The Difference Between a Car Repair Manual and a Factory Service Manual

Since garage repairs have become so expensive and they are taking more time than usual to conduct even minor repairs or service, many people are turning towards doing car repairs themselves. Repairing your car on your own not only helps in saving a good amount of money in the long run, but it also makes you more well-versed with your vehicle. In case you have also made up your mind to conduct your car repairs on your own, then the best source of information for you can be a manual. But when you go out to search for one, you will find two different types of manuals out there, car repair manuals and factory service manuals.

Before you buy one, you need to understand the difference between the two types of manuals. Here you will get a broad idea about that, so that you can select the one that best suits your requirements and preferences.

Content: The major point of difference between a car repair manual and a factory service manual is the content included in them. A factory service manual is specific to your car’s make and model and contains useful information about it. It contains details about special features and specifications of your particular car, along with exact location of varied parts and components in the model.

On the other hand, car repair manuals are general manuals that are applicable to all car brands and models. If your car has a special feature or one of its components is located at a different place, then you will need to get help from a factory service manual only.

Source: The difference between the content in a car repair manual and a factory service manual is mainly because different people and professionals created them. Factory service manuals are created by the car manufacturing company itself, probably by the same people who designed the car and worked to manufacture it. So, you can be sure that the people who created these manuals are well-versed with each and every component and every single feature of your car’s particular model.

When it comes to car repair manuals, they are created by general auto engineers and experts with no specific information about the car you own. These manuals contain general repair instructions that can be applied to all cars, but may be different for your car model.

Availability: Another major difference is the place from where you can procure these manuals. Factory service manuals are usually used by the dealership to fix your car. If need one you can probably get a copy at your car brand’s showroom, there are also websites where you can download free pdf car factory service manuals. On the other hand, car repair manuals are often available at auto repair shops. Auto mechanics often refer to these manuals for conducting repairs on cars arriving in their garage.

Now that you know the difference between a car repair manual and a factory service manual, you can find the one of your choice at third party websites. There are many websites that make these manuals available for free in PDF format. You just need to find the manual that you want and download it on your device. You can print it if you want later, or carry it around in your smartphone.

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