Should A Car Key Replacement Service Be Fully Insured And Bonded?

When your car keys get lost or broken, the right thing to do is to call a professional car key replacement service to help you with programming new keys. Apart from making sure the service you call can create different types of car keys and locking systems, you must also ensure it is bonded and fully insured. 

Below are some of the key reasons why you should strictly work with a car key replacement service that is bonded and fully insured.

A bonded Car Key Replacement Service 

 A car key replacement service is considered to be bonded when it has bought a surety bond. For starters, a surety bond is a guarantee that the company will finish the work at hand.  

Being bonded implies that the service has entered into a partnership with a reputable bonding firm. As a result, the bonding firm put money up to cover for any damages that the service can cause, such as damaged doors or even physical damages to your car. The money put up by the bonding company can be used to reimburse you if you aren’t satisfied with the service.

 Working with a bonded car key replacement company is, therefore, a solemn indication that the company is trustworthy. Again, it implies that the service is financially capable of meeting any expenses it may incur should they cause damage to your car.  Bonding also protects you if the service fails to do the required job.

 A bonded service will do its level best to keep its clients satisfied since it avoids cases whereby it can be forced to compensate clients who complain about shoddy work.  They want to be sure that no complaints that warrant compensation are leveled against them. 

Insured Car Key Replacement Service

For a car key replacement service to be considered fully insured, it needs to have at least two types of insurance: workers’ compensation and liability insurance. 

Liability insurance covers for service–caused damages to your car. When a car replacement service is fully insured, then it means that there is money put aside to compensate anybody that gets injured in the process of having your car key repaired or replaced. If you choose an uninsured service, it means you will be required to compensate the key replacement provider’s employees should they sustain injuries while working on repairing or replacing your car key. 

A fully insured service is a sign that a service is competent enough, and can conduct its operations responsibly and follow the state or federal laws.  What’s more, when the service has insurance in place, it means that you won’t be forced to incur any expenses paying for claims that the service should have paid for in the first place.


As a car owner, working with a bonded and fully insured car key replacement service is vital for protecting one of your most crucial assets. So, before you call a locksmith from a local company to help cut and program for you a new car key, ensure that they have proof of being fully insured and bonded. 

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