Our Take on the 2020 Toyota Avalon Series

If you are out there to shop for a comfortable cruiser in a stylish sedan shape, that offers loads of creature comfort and entertainment features, while the space is enough to make the passengers stay energetic even after a day long journey. 

The moment we got a glimpse at the 2020 Toyota Avalon at the showroom of McCall Toyota dealer, we could see that it has grown-up and matured quite well as an age-old sedan, as all its aspects have mastered the right ways to make the people happy inside every Avalon.

For 2020, Toyota dresses up the Avalon series in XLE Limited, and Touring trim models, all of which can provide an equally relaxing ride on the highway soaking up all the drudgeries of the drives covering long distances. When presented in the hybrid guise, the performance of the 2020 Toyota Avalon proves to be as thrifty as a regular subcompact sedan that pleasantly surprises you with its unexpectedly spacious interior. 

Engine Choices

The 2020 year lineup of Toyota Avalon comes with either a 301-horsepower making V-6 engine or a 215-hp making hybrid one and both of them send the engine power to the front wheels. There is also an outgoing model of the 2020 Toyota Avalon which is powered either by a 3.5-liter V-6 or a 2.5-liter inline-4 hybrid powertrains. All the engines are paired to an 8-speed automatic transmission which is set as standard and is responsible for shuttling the engine power to the front wheels and that is the sole drivetrain option. For better performance bargain, the top of the range trim models are given the advantage of an adaptive suspension that can smother down the unpaved roads.

While the base models use a V-6 engine under their hoods, but our pick in the lineup of 2020 Avalon is the hybrid one that grabbed a score of whopping 43 mpg fuel economy rate from the EPA that can climb even higher depending on the trim level you choose. 

Appearance Inside and Out

For a vehicle that holds a Toyota badge on its front grille, a design that the 2020 Avalon is crafted with will be described as taking a really subdued approach, which we really appreciated when we first saw it at the McCall Toyota showroom.

Being the big four-door sedan it is, the body sculpting of the 202 Toyota Avalon truly deserves a second look. That size works more as an asset when you speak about the interior space. Making place for five people and their stuff, the Avalon is entirely family oriented that can be counted upon when you are looking for comfort. If you can climb up to the Limited editions, you can get the Avalon come draped in fine leather and wood trim that is in all respect gorgeous to look at. 

Technology Features

The 2020 Avalon has also done well in all the crash tests as well. Equipped with all the latest safety features like automatic emergency braking working in tune with forward collision warnings, blind-spot monitors, active lane control, and automatic high beams, the 2020 Toyota Avalon simply makes it higher than its segment by making all of them present as standard and active.

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