How to make your truck faster – increase horsepower & torque

The function of the truck’s engine is just like a big air pump. If you have a truck and want to feel powerful, then sure you have to focus on its torque and horsepower. So, if you are thinking about increasing torque and horsepower and want to find cheap ways to increase horsepower, this article will definitely help you.

In this article, you will know several ways to improve torque and know how to make a truck faster. So let’s begin.

Perform a tune-up on the engine:

Your truck’s maintenance is essential to improve its life and keep all the functions and systems running at optimal levels. Tuning-up the engine does not improve torque and horsepower, but when your vehicle is suffering, so in this condition is your oomph it once had. If your fuel and air filters are clogged, you may need to run your vehicle properly. It is an inexpensive problem to solve, so why do you wait to get it done. However, an oil change is also a crucial part of maintaining the engine. You should consider synthetic oil for a slight boost. Perform tune-up is the first tip to performance upgrade for trucks.

Install supercharger:

The big truck needs massive heat from the exhaust for boosting the air intake pressure and also needs more fuel; that’s why the big truck loves supercharger kit. This kit will help your truck’s engine become more responsive. You can find any turbocharger kit that will improve more than 200 extra horsepower. The installed supercharger, or turbocharger kit is the other cheap way to increase horsepower and torque of truck.

Cold air intake:

If you are thinking about how to make a truck faster, it is another tip for you. Intake cold air and stock airbox on your truck help decrease the noise of the engine and are restrictive. Cooler air has more oxygen; it means you can use and burn more fuel. Therefore you can increase 6 to 11 horsepower of the engine.

Install exhaust system:

This is the last tip to performance upgrades for trucks, but not least. An aftermarket exhaust system is a great way to gain extra horsepower. It would help if you replaced the company muffler with an aftermarket that improves torque, horsepower, and sound as well. You can get as much as 20 hp with this small trick.

This article was all about some cheap ways to increase horsepower, so we hope these tips will surely help you.

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