How to indicate if you’ve got a damaged ECU

A major component of the onboard computer of your car is the ECU, or engine control unit. It is used for powering multiple devices and modules in your vehicle exhaust, powertrain and other critical parts. There are several signs that a defective ECU can be associated with. Below are few ways to detect whether yours is defective or impaired. 

If the Engine Light Scan is On 

There is a fair risk that your car would have a defective engine control unit if your vehicle’s engine control light stays on and never goes off. There are many explanations why a car’s engine control light would stay on. A issue with the ECU is the most common explanation. If you find that your engine control light is still on, take your vehicle into service and request that the engine control unit be tested.

If the Car Will doesn’t Start 

If for no clear cause, your vehicle fails to start, this is also a good indication that the ECU might have a problem. The very next reasonable aspect to note is a faulty engine management unit if you check the batteries of the car, the engine and other standard electrical components, and the car does not really operate. 

Certain recurring effects 

Several other signs could be correlated with a defective ECU. Bad performance or unexplained drops in fuel economy or quality, for instance, are often related to problems with onboard car computers or faulty ECU problems. 

When changing gears in an automatic transmission, a damaged ECU may cause problems, or cause sudden jerking or stopping that is similar to transmission issues. If you experience jerking or stopping, maintain the transmission properly on a regular basis, and the vehicle has sufficient transmission fluid levels, then a defective ECU should be suspected.

Reparations for ECUs can be very costly. The part alone would range around $1,000 as well as $3,000, depending on the brand and design of your vehicle. Luckily, an ECU may be patched or reconfigured in some cases, thus removing the need to completely replace an ECU.

The average Price in a garage 

The defective ECU may be fixed or reprogrammed in certain cases, and this form of repair will usually cost from $300 to $750, depending on your vehicle’s make and model. In the awful situation that you need to genuinely update the ECU, you can add about $500 towards $600 to the cost of the part for labour to install and configure the latest ECU.

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