How to Choose the Best Vehicle Tracking System for Your Fleet?

Tracking systems are necessary to install in your fleet so you can monitor them in real time. Your fleet is your asset and a very expensive one if you consider. Tracking systems prove convenient as you can keep an eye on your fleet from practically anywhere.

Before choosing which tracking device to go with, there are a few factors to consider, which include:

1.    The Software

The more sophisticated the software, the better it is. The software should offer functions such as:

  • Showing the route map of where the fleet has been
  • Issuing traffic alerts on different kinds of routes
  • Producing reports showcasing the history of the fleet
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Information on vehicle diagnostics

2.    The Hardware

Different kinds of devices are installed when a tracking system is configured, such as a display interface, receivers of the signals and an antenna. These devices are helpful for real-time data transmission and tracking.

The size of the hardware depends on the manufacturer, and these generally tend to be rather small. Some devices come in plug-and-play versions while some require advanced installation.

3.    The Pricing

Your budget is the ultimate deciding factor before you choose a tracking system. You should ensure that you compare between the pricing of different tracking systems and see which one offers more features for the same price.

4.    Alert Systems

Notifications to alert you of any suspicious activity are crucial for a tracking system. You should be able to receive your customised alerts via text and email, such as if a driver has gone off-route or if an intruder is trying to gain access into your fleet.

5.    Ease of Use

Users want a system with a clear dashboard, which does not pose a very large learning curve. Go for a system that you understand easily, or one that has the vendors providing virtual or in-person demos at least.

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6.    Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow you to work with the tracking software from your smartphone, hence adding to your convenience.

7.    Customer Support

In case you encounter a trouble with the system, you should be able to get in touch with customer support instantly to resolve your issue. Customer support should be available via phone or live chat or even help-desk ticket systems or email support.

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