How KENT CamEye helped a mother in ensuring the safety of her child

This is the first time I have bought something this, for my car and I somehow love it. I am a mother of a 4-year-old girl, and she has just started her schooling. Since my husband and I are working, we have to depend on our driver & nanny to drop her to school, hobby classes and other relevant places. In a city like Delhi, I often worry about the safety of my daughter.

I wanted something that could help me to monitor my car. Initially, I thought of buying a GPS tracker but one of my friends convinced me to buy KENT CamEye, who bought the same a few days back. I tried looking for it on the internet and was awestruck knowing about it. I decided to buy it right away.

What is KENT CamEye?

It is first of its kind car security device with dual cameras which records everything that happens inside and outside of the car. It stores recorded audios-videos on secured cloud storage with 90 days of data back-up and syncs with a mobile app in real time. It has an in-built battery of 3000 mAh that can work for more than 24 hours. It also has a memory back up and works even when the car is parked or outside network coverage.

 The mobile app is available on both App store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). In addition to real-time GPS location tracking of the vehicle, CamEye also allows playback of a route travelled on the map. It even sends alerts on the mobile phone when it detects something unusual, using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


I unboxed the KENT CamEye; the product is almost the size of my fist and very handy. The box has the device of course, along with that there is one Windshield Mount, USB Cable, Car Charger, Pry Tool, 5 Cable Clips, an Instruction Manual, 2 Car Sticker and Warranty Card.  It took a while to install the device but with my husband’s help, I could finally install it. It came with a pre-installed Airtel SIM and took around 25 minutes to get activated automatically. 


I am quite impressed after using the product. It’s a kind of a blessing for me as I can always know the whereabouts of my daughter. The camera captures time-lapse video (not continuous) of all trips.  I can also watch the live video streaming on my mobile to check whether she is active or sleeping in the car. I can also talk to my daughter through the device, at any point in time.

Next thing I did to keep a check on my driver, was to set alerts. The device sends me an alert on my phone, whenever the driver is over speeding. It also beeps loudly inside the car to alert the driver about the situation.  

Enabled with GPS tracking, the device helps to get accurate location of my car. I can now keep a track of my car via my mobile phone. The device also captures various trip data and offers history of the entire day, so I can see where all the driver took the car. 

Things that attracted me the most in the product:

  • Extremely user friendly app
  • Simple to install, me along with my husband could install it on our own (of course with small hiccups)
  • Reasonably priced  (there is no price for your child’s security)
  • Live streaming and talk back feature is awesome!
  • GPS tracking is pretty accurate
  • It remains charged for a full day with its Long battery life 

Final Verdict:

For me, it was a first time experience with such a device, and I am extremely happy with the kind of features it offers. Now I can sit back and focus on my work without worrying about my daughter and the car.  

KENT CamEye comes at a price of ₹17,999 with 3 months free subscription. You can get a free demo of our product. To book the demo, please share your contact details at or call us at 9582612345.

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