How Is The 2016 Geely Bo Yue?

As the main model of Geely, Bo Yue quickly occupied a place in the independent compact SUV because of its product strength. Judging from my experience, the car is balanced in all aspects. There is no obvious shortboard in this car, but it needs improvement in some details. How is the 2016 Geely Bo Yue? How much do you know about it?

Bo Yue has a standard compact body. It is really good according to the test data of the storage space and the storage space among the same level of self-owned SUV. There is no feeling of being cramped and depressed when driving. The unique rear suspension layout reduces the encroachment of the top on the space on both sides of the trunk, and the carrying capacity without putting down the second row of seats is considerable.

The Bo Yue rear suspension has less influence on both sides of the trunk, which makes the inner more regular. Its maximum width is 1310mm, which is beyond the same level of compact SUV. The space under normal conditions can meet most of the loading demand. As for the flatness and space expansion of putting down the second row of seats, Bo Yue’s rear seats support 4/6 split down. But the rear seats cannot move, and the space between the trunk floor and the spare tire is also not used. Bo Yue’s multimedia system is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen, while retaining the traditional buttons that are commonly used. In this way, it provides more operational options and easy to use. What’s more, the multimedia voice system created by Keda Xunfei has a high degree of recognition. It can complete the control of air conditioners, skylights, stocks, weather, etc., and even communicate with users with voice commands.

Improvements in materials and processes are a key detail in upgrading Geely 3.0 products. Whether it is the material of the center console or the uniform or rigorous seam between the modules, the vision and touch feelings are remarkable. The leather and imitation leather materials of the Bo Yue seat are excellent in touch, and the filler is sufficient and thick. However, the sitting position in the front row is higher, and the fit to the body is not so good. Ergonomically, there still needs improvement. Bo Yue 1.8T automatic version provides dual-zone independent air conditioning with the reasonable button layout. The air conditioning refrigeration and heating effect are quite satisfactory. The maximum air volume is very strong. Adopts the mainstream McPherson front suspension and multi-link suspension structure, the coordination of Bo Yue between the suspension and the spring is very good.

Bo Yue’s 1.8T engine tuning is focused on the traction performance of the medium and low speeds. So it can easily fulfill the demands of daily driving speed increase and overtaking. Acceleration also has a certain explosive power, but it is not sustained enough and the re-acceleration ability of high-speed driving is not strong. The performance of the Bo Yue 1.8T automatic transmission is not brilliant providing the sport mode only. The 6AT gearbox with the 1.8T automatic transmission does not lose in the same kind of joint venture brand products in terms of gear meshing accuracy, and there is no setback and dragging of the gears. Even after the rapid acceleration of the oil collection, the speed of the gearbox has dropped sharply, and the gearbox can smoothly complete the transition.

Bo Yue shows the typical characteristics of the home SUV positioning in comfort. The steering system feedback is linear and the response speed is average. In orbit around the pile with a large shift in the center of gravity, the follow-up of the batholith is not ideal, and the suspension has an insufficient effect on the spring. Bo Yue only has a sport mode configuration that is related to driving pleasure. It emphasizes the characteristics of comfort and family attributes. The power and control performance is not outstanding. The overall adjustment shows a smooth driving and sitting experience. Bo Yue has a full range of standard security configurations such as ABS, EBD, ESP, etc. The 1.8T automatic version is also equipped with active brakes, lane departure warning function with ACC adaptive cruise, and real-time tire pressure monitoring system. In terms of passive safety, the 1.8T automatic version is also equipped with front and rear air curtains that are rare in the same class.

With the increasing of intelligent car, more and more car owners like to personally modify the car. At first, the electric tailgate is only equipped in the luxury car. Gradually, more and more drivers get to know its usage and modify their car with it. In fact, the tailgate has gradually become the first choice for car owners. For example, if you have lots of things in both of your hands, you can open and close the trunk with a key by remote control. If the car is on the muddy road, and you don’t want to get off the car to close the trunk, there is a button in the cab to close it. The trunk is also provided with a button. The electric tailgate is really a smart device that saves time and effort. It is equivalent to the difference between matches and lighters. As we all know, lighters are more convenient and effective. So it is recommended to modify Bo Yue with an electric tailgate. 

In summary, although Bo Yue is a car of 2016, it is very good at the same level. Do you like it?

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