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2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline is a sports car (SUT) by Honda and is organized by others as a lifestyle way. Ridgeline is built by using unibody layout with a separate engine, independent wheelchair suspension, rope stage, flat car bed, two-step side, In-Bed Trunk, all car-and front-wheel selection options. The first Honda Ridgeline was sold in March

Honda Civic 2017 Type R – The sport version derived from Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2017 Type R is a high-performance version of the Honda Civic, which in 1997 produced the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company, trust is lighter and stronger body, specially modified engine, brakes and suspension. The Honda Civic 2017 Type R, the interior is used the color red to distinguish it from the classic Honda Civic.

Honda HRV 2017 – The SUV built on Supermini Platform

The Honda HRV 2017 is a compact crossover manufactured by Honda since 1995. Since the Honda Civic platform uses an SUV body was called “CR-V”, which means that the Compact Vehicle leisure. Honda began producing the CR-V in the flesh, Japan, and Swindon, UK, the markets of the world, added to the manufacturing sites in