Here’s How Your Junk Car Towing Can Be Environmental Friendly

Eco-friendly Auto Wreckers to the Rescue 

If your car has given up all signs of life, perhaps it is time to part with it. When it comes to junk car towing, you have two options. You can either chose a run of the mill operator who will take the car out of your sight and to some dump. Or, you can choose an eco-friendly auto recycler who not only gives you cash for your car but also undertakes complete recycling of the car. 

How it Happens?

At Scrap My Junk Car, here is what happens when you call the auto wreckers – 

  • Once you submit your details to the company, they will promptly get back to you about how much you can be expected to be paid for it. Once the offer is accepted, a convenient junk car towing time is arranged. You may need to keep your car documents ready for the transaction.
  • When the auto recycler arrives, they will provide you with complete documentation about the transaction to record all the necessary details. Look over all the details, and sign once you see that everything is in order. Once this is done, and the payment is made out, the tow truck will leave your old car.
  • Now, this point is where things usually become unclear for you. With Scrap My Junk Car, however, you get all the details of what happens when you bid your old car goodbye as it is taken away by the junk car towing people.
  • When your car reaches one of the sites, all of its recyclable parts, including battery, tires, coolants, oils, and glasses, are removed for separate processing. Thus, Scrap My Junk Car is a true auto recycler that recycles not just the metal, but all the parts of the car. 
  • All of the parts then go to their respective facilities for recycling and reuse. Some may be refurbished, but most are broken down to their basics and given a new lease of life as recycled metals, fluids, and glass. These are duly processed and meet all the recycling requirements to ensure that they are fit to be reused by residential and industrial units.
  • The auto wreckers ensure that only two percent of your car’s materials are eventually sent to the landfill.

A Double Green Deal:

Thus, when you rely on junk car towing companies like Scrap My Junk Car, you get a double green deal. One, you get a fair amount for your car, which you can use for yourself. Secondly, the environment also gets a cut of the transaction as you help prevent pollution and overexploitation of resources.

When customers like you trust auto recyclers responsible and sustainable, you help contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, and more sustainable earth whose resources are used properly and respectfully. So when your car finally says no more, give your long time companion a fitting goodbye with the best auto wreckers.

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