Getting The Most Out of Car Detailing

If you’re looking for car detailing services in the Ontario area and want to make sure your car will be taken care of, Auto Boss Vaughn is here to help. Before you take your vehicle in for detailing, it’s important to know what to look for and how you can get pointers to care for your car in between visits.

There’s a good chance you’ll see streaks on the inside or outside of your windows. To get rid of these streaks, you should dryer the outside of the glass in one direction and the inside of the glass in another direction. The professionals at Auto Boss use this technique to keep your windows shiny and looking brand new. Once the cleaning solution dries, you’ll know if there are streaks on the interior or exterior of your vehicle. This allows you to clean the streak easily without causing additional streaks or smears. You can also avoid smears by winding down your windows and cleaning the upper section of the glass. Don’t use too much product on your windows, since this can accumulate in the window jamb and can easily cause dripping and streaking. When you roll the windows down about an inch, you can ensure that all debris and dirt is properly removed. While the Auto Boss team will take care of this for you during your detailing appointment, you can take this tip with you to ensure your windows are clean if there’s a bad weather or you’re park in a place where you car is susceptible to plant debris.

The detail team will also make sure your plastic trim is thoroughly clean, since the trim requires separate maintenance and care from the rest of the exterior of your car. To make sure your trim looks great, a black restoring product is often used on the trim before waxing and polishing the metal around the trim. Special products can restore the color of black trim and shield the trim from chemicals, abrasion and grime. Polishes and waxes can stain the plastic if there is no protective covering, so it’s best to treat the trim first.

Wax is also applied with a power buffer, but the buffer isn’t used to remove wax. Power buffers help you to get a professional waxing job, and the team at Auto Boss knows how to use the buffers properly. If you touch up your car in between detailing, don’t remove the polish and wax with a buffer since the buffer will make the finish uneven and put wax swirls in a clear coat of wax. Apply the wax with a power buffer and then remove it with a dry, soft cloth. If you cover the buffer pad in wax, you’ll keep the machine from burning the first layer of paint on the car and you’ll have a coat of wax on the vehicle that is thin and evenly distributed.

For more information on the best car detailing services Ontario has to offer, check out the Auto Boss Vaughn website to get information on how the detailing team keeps your vehicle looking as good as new.

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