The 2018 Ferrari 812 SuperFast

Ferrari is such an exclusive car brand that we almost don’t think of it as one at all. That is, we tend to think of it as being more than a little inaccessible, reserved for movie stars, hedge fund managers, and baseball stars and the like. It may be that the rich and famous are the ones most likely to afford these cars – but they’re still fascinating vehicles, and it just so happens that we may be seeing a little bit of an uptick in Ferrari interest.


This isn’t because of anything on the consumer-facing front, but rather because of the mythology of Ferrari as a racing company first and commercial manufacturer second. More specifically, the Ferrari team is wrapping up an excellent season in Formula 1, with drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen poised to finish second and third. This is happening just as global interest in the sport seems to be ticking up, in part because of increasingly numerous race streaming options and also because of F1’s forays into fantasy. Daily fantasy sports can mean various types of contests, but basically give fans the chance to build teams of competitors to back in a given contest. And Formula 1, while not yet present on the biggest daily fantasy sites, has partnered with a similar company called PlayON.

Now, this doesn’t mean that droves of Formula 1 fans now want to buy and drive the very same cars that competitors such as Vettel and Raikkonen are driving on the circuits around the world. It merely means that, at least in theory, more and more people are tuning into a racing world in which “Ferrari” is once again a dominant, almost mythical name. And this in turn figures to drive interest in the company as relates to its on-road vehicles, as exclusive as they may be. And this, ultimately, is why one of the newer models – the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast – is so interesting!

Built with Ferrari’s legendary 12-cylinder engine, the 812 Superfast is now the fastest and most powerful road-geared Ferrari ever made, with the exception of some limited releases. Additionally, as is stated at Ferrari’s website, it’s the first such vehicle to be equipped with Electric Power Steering, which should make for an even smoother handle than one might expect. The vehicle’s power and efficiency are boosted by a newly optimized intake system that allows the vehicle to take in more air. As a result of this boost in efficiency, the car has achieved unprecedented power, not just within the Ferrari lineup, but for a production-ready car in general. Says the description at Ferrari’s site, the 812 Superfast will have a specific power output of 123 cv/l.

As for the design of the car, it’s typically gorgeous, and perhaps more realistic looking than the average Ferrari without sacrificing any of the beauty typical of the brand. If you’ve read this far, or really if this article grabbed your attention in the first place, odds are you’re familiar with the general aesthetic associated with Ferrari’s road-ready (or non-racing) cars. You can expect more of the same with the 812 Superfast, though the interior has a lot to offer that’s new. In a phrase, it’s been redesigned to look even sportier, more closely resembling what one might imagine the interior of a racing vehicle to feel like, though with a little bit more space. Altogether it’s an elegant car but one that makes no mistake of conveying its power; one look and you’ll imagine the car achieving its maximum speed, which is something Ferrari has always, almost mysteriously been able to achieve.

Pricing is prohibitive (though it varies depending on circumstances), and for most of us a car like the 812 Superfast is merely a fantasy. At the same time however, it feels like the perfect car for a legendary manufacturer that seems, ever so subtly, to be on the rise.

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