Common Problems of Diesel Engine

Diesel oil is one of the most used if not the most used fuel for engines in the world today. It is good, durable and cheap. But as always there all do have problems of their own. If you don’t take care of your diesel properly, it will lead to different issues that you wouldn’t like.

A bad diesel issue could destroy the whole engine system by the kind of combustion it runs in the engine. These issues need to be solved to have a high engine performance. But first, we must identify and discuss the problems

The problems are;

  1. Damaged Exhaust

It’s a common knowledge that the diesel engine does release a whole lot of smoke than other vehicles. The smoke is dark, sticky, which can affect windscreens and it has a foul odor.

This black smoke when released in excess, affects your exhaust pipes and also sets an imbalance in fuel and air mixture. The reason for the imbalance is as a result of the too much black smoke released which burns a lot of fuel. You can fix it with exhaust replacement tutorial.

Other reasons for the imbalance in air and fuel mixture are; faulty diesel pump, air filter, and injector. So, you have to suffer the consequence of using a diesel engine because it still has good advantages to go with it.

  1. Storage battery (Lead-acid) failure

This is one of the main reasons people purchase diesel engines. The lead acid storage battery is an important component of the diesel engine because it gives that power to the car to make it ignite with full speed.

Failure of the battery will reduce the power of the vehicle drastically. If this problem is noticed on time, I would advise you to take it to a car workshop to be repaired immediately.

  1. Defiled Oil

The quantity of oil used in a diesel engine is more than that used by petrol engines. There is a piece of equipment called the dipstick that is used to deduce the condition of the oil.

It can be known by the discoloration of the oil when the level in the dipstick goes up which means the oil is contaminated by water.

The above problem could be a result of a leakage in the seal of the engine which should be repaired instantly. I highly recommend that you change your oil by following the guidelines of the manual for the engine that is written by the producer to avoid problems.

  1. High Viscosity

Diesel is a very viscous substance and it takes a long time for it to loosen and evaporate.

It is ten times cruder and greasy than gasoline. This high level of viscosity gives room for dust and dirt to stay on it which is very bad and harmful to the engine.

The viscosity of the diesel oil can be changed by applying heat through a heat regulator.

  1. Cost/ Expenses

Diesel oil is expensive because of its durability and it’s quality. It uses a single fueling system and it is rarely changed. But with all the benefits of diesel oil, one has to be prepared to spend a lot to meet its needs.

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