Car Maintenance Tips To Save You Money

The cost of running a car is inescapable, but worth it if you can navigate what to do and what not to do to keep your expenses low. Creating a routine checkup for your car could mean the difference between paying for repairs in smaller chunks, or being met with a hefty bill when the issues are out of control or the car stops working completely. Maintaining your vehicle is ideal for more reasons than just saving money because, although cars depreciate over time, the rate they lose value is highly dependent on how well the vehicle is cared for. 

Sourcing Parts

If you need a new part for your car, an alternative to purchasing from garages is to order the parts from a breakers yard. A lot of vehicles per year that are no longer roadworthy are broken down into parts that can be reused or recycled. Some of which are still in good working order. For instance, if you need some Peugeot parts, like a new bumper, you would simply contact a breakers yard with your make, model and year, and ask whether they have the part(s) you need. This is a top money-saving tip for those wanting to keep down costs but also keep a well-maintained car.

Car Fluid Top-Ups

This car maintenance tip entails researching the oils and fluids that are best suited to your car. Then simply lifting up the bonnet, and checking the oil/fluid levels on a routine basis to see what needs topping up. For regular car users, you may wish to pop the hood at least once a month. Refraining to top up fluids such as the engine coolant, could mean for modern cars that the vehicle switches off until the engine has cooled down. For older vehicles without the technology to turn-off the car once the engine becomes too hot, it could lead to irreparable damage to the water pump, head gasket, engine etc.

Changing the Oil and Filters

Oil, in particular, keeps the engine lubed and the parts moving smoothly. If however, the oil is continuously exposed to debris and begins to look like sludge; its job of lubing the engine and its parts begins to deteriorate. Equally, the air filters in the car are intended to protect any dirt and debris from entering the engine. By booking your car in for a service at a garage the oil will be changed and the filters cleaned to keep your car running efficiently. You can refer to your vehicle’s handbook for advice on how often your car will need a service.

Wash and Wax 

Routinely cleaning and waxing your car is vital to protect the cars metal casing from the harsh elements that could cause the car to corrode over time. If dust and salt are left on the surface of the car, the chances of oxidation increases, which will gradually ruin the appearance of the vehicle. This, in turn, will affect its value should you want to resell at some point down the line. 

By routinely checking under the bonnet of your car, changing the oils and filters, washing and waxing your vehicle and sourcing new ways to order parts, you can save an extortionate amount on maintaining your car each year.

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