Buying a Car From an Auction: The Do’s and Don’ts

With the prices of new automobiles on the rise and the continual stream of used vehicles coming in, it makes sense to many to turn their attention towards reliable, used models that will meet their needs and fit within their budget. That said, when buying a used car or purchasing one from an auction, there is always the potential that you can end up with a completely unsalvageable vehicle.

Are you considering purchasing a car from an auction? If so, here are some of the do’s and dont’s of buying an automobile to remember when you approach any auction site.

DO Pay Close Attention To The Quality Of The Vehicle (But DON’T Judge It On This Alone)

Whether you are looking at a public auction or shopping online for auction cars in Ghana, the first thing that you should pay attention to is the quality of the vehicle and what type of condition it is in. This means not only taking a look at the body of the car but conducting a visual inspection of every nook and cranny.

Look closely at how well each of the parts fit into the body, check to see if the upholstery shows any signs of damage or if there are any other signs of internal damage in the past, and pay close to attention whether or not all of the pieces of the car belong to the original model or if they have come from other cars during a repair. Any signs of damage can tell you whether or not a vehicle is worth buying or if you can potentially fix it up. However, don’t let this be the only factor you judge a car on. Looks can be deceiving.

DO Ask For An Inspection And The History Of The Car And DON’T Move Forward With Any Vehicles That Can’t Provide This

Whenever we wish to purchase a used vehicle, knowing what we are purchasing and whether or not we would be covered in the event of unforeseen issues is of the utmost importance. The first step begins with making sure that there are no known problems with your vehicle and that arbitration is available if your car does have any mechanical issues. The next step is to request an inspection of the car so that you can see exactly what condition it is in prior to making a bid.

If you have access to the information, you may want to take the time to learn more about the car’s history as well. If you know the name of the previous owner, you can use a free information database like Go Look Up to see their public records and how they may have treated the car when it was in their possession. Any cars that have no history, no guarantees, and no protection put your money at risk.

DO Brush Up On Your Auction Knowledge And DON’T Enter A Bid Until You Understand The Risks

Although this may seem like an obvious point, some people will enter auction sites without knowing exactly what determines the value of a used car or how much they should be bidding for available options. Long before you consider purchasing a car from an auction, take the time to understand how these auctions work, what goes into a car’s value, and how you can get the most for your money.

Auctions can be a great place to scope out used vehicles, but a lack of awareness can easily result in a poor purchase that can’t be repaired. Before you purchase a car from an auction, make sure to take the above tips into consideration to protect yourself and ensure an enjoyable experience.

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