Best Ways to Get Around Phoenix

It’s no legend that Phoenix, AZ, is an auto-centric city. How to get around Phoenix is probably one of the most questions we get – and figuring out how to get around efficiently is very essential when traveling to a new city.

With attractions that are somewhat spread out, it can usually seem like having and driving a car is the only plan to get around – the drive might not be a bad thing, as the movements are very picturesque, but you should definitely consider other alternatives too.

By Bike

I have listed this first because I believe that the bike is the primary method of moving around in Phoenix. Let’s be clear here – though it would be impossible to get around the entire City, many concentrated areas can be viewed on two wheels. Lucky me, I happen to live in an area where bicycling is very comfortable, relaxed, and adapted into a great society. I use the bike for my regular daily activities, such as running errands, going to drink stores, working too, etc.

I love giving the get-around-by-bike lifestyle a try. And as we know, biking can provide you great benefits to yourself, your community.

Unlike your initial bike purchase and minimum prices for maintenance once in a while, this transport method is natural, happy, and free!

By Feet

If you want to immerse yourself in a new place, you need to spend time simply being there – this means being among the people, trying fresh foods, and walking a mile in the ‘locals’ shoes’— in other words, this is one of the ways of getting around I like the most. This idea of walking around the City came when I moved to Europe and lived in Berlin, and I realized that this is one of the greatest and easiest ways to get to identify a new city and its culture.

Walking through a big city is not only a great way to avoid traffic, but it also allows you to see new things you may have missed by being in the car. You get the opportunity to go out to the local sites, have the chance to stop in and check out a store you see, and maybe even spend a few minutes watching a street entertainer.

And walking around Downtown Phoenix is a perfect way to enjoy a night with family or friends.

Public Transport (Bus & Light Rail)

The light rail has absolutely transformed Phoenix, which is why I ended up staying here. I haven’t used the bus literally in years as Phoenix’s Valley Metro light-rail system truly gets me where I need to go, and living two blocks from it doesn’t harm. I bike to the light rail and then get off around 38th and Washington, which puts me about another 10-minute bike trip away from my volunteering place. Well – most of my life is about 10 minutes off the light rail!

Using Best Limo Services

There could be many reasons you would need limo service in Phoenix — be it a business meeting, a group or a colleague wedding, organizing a group trip throughout the beautiful City, business organizations, or a direct private, customized touristic activity. To recap, continually make sure you ask the correct questions and know what you want before taking on a limo.

The process of reaching the right choice requires several questions that may seem complicated to try but will show the utmost benefit when faced with calm and pure curiosity.

The best way to go about select parties – such as a bachelor’s or bachelor’s party or a girls’ night out experience is a limo service in Phoenix. Have a few drinks and a ton of fun on the wheels without having to worry about driving.

Sometimes, you’re allowed to go all the way—the most reliable way to go about specific parties. A bachelorette or bachelor party or a ladies evening out experience is a limo service in Phoenix. Have some cocktails and a ton of entertainment on the wheels without having to worry about driving. Sometimes, you’re allowed to go all the way.

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