Basic Facts to Know About Nissan ProPilot Assist  

Today the automotive world is heading towards autonomous driving, in every possible way. The aim is to reduce the manual intervention of the driver, so that there is no chance of a collision due to some human errors which is inevitable. In this most of the leading automakers have contributed significantly by launching their own safety and driver-assistant suites to ensure, the chances of a collision are minimized to nil, with the help of automatic warning and braking systems. Nissan being a leader in this movement has set an example of how a vehicle can avoid even the propensities of a fateful collision, through a timely intervention of technology in different ways. They call it Nissan ProPilot Assist.

According to the Watsonville Nissan dealership, Nissan ProPilot Assist is a set of features that does not allow any Nissan driver to commit any small driving mistake which can lead to a collision, and claim lives and properties. The Nissan ProPilot Assist does so, first by increasing the visibility range of the driver, so that nothing goes unnoticed by the one who is steering the Nissan car. Then there is an array of warning systems that makes the driver alert of those driving conditions and errors that can have a cascading effect leading to a disastrous accident. At the final stage, when all these attempts do not take effect on the situation, the Nissan ProPilot Assist system takes over the drive operations, by slowing down the vehicle or bringing it to a complete stop, whenever it is too near to some pedestrian, another vehicle, or to any solid embankment or a water body.

How the Nissan ProPilot Assist works

In every Nissan model that has been released in last couple of years, you get the support of the Nissan ProPilot Assist that will make driving the car a breeze through a sequence of buttons. These buttons push a series of actions to take place, after the relevant cameras, sensors and radars in the Nissan cars collect the right set of information regarding the drive conditions. All the systems work together to detect if there is a presence of any living being or any obstruction that can cause a collision. The steering wheel in every Nissan car will have a dedicated blue button to represent the ProPilot Assist at work.

The Nissan ProPilot Assist includes an Intelligent Cruise Control that set the said Nissan car at a desired maximum speed limit and then maintains the distance to ensure safety. There are a number of visual indicators present on the digital cluster that is placed right in front of the steering wheel that keeps confirming the steps taken. When the ‘Cruise’ icon and the steering wheel icon turn green, it indicates that the Nissan ProPilot Assist is fully in action.

As demonstrated to us by the staff members of the famous Nissan dealership near Watsonville, when the Nissan ProPilot Assist is fully engaged, the driver is left with little scope to commit any mistake that can lead to any major or minor collision.

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