Audi A5 2017 – Four-Passenger Luxury Cabriolet

Audi A5 2017 Coupe is a 4-passenger luxury available as a Convertible. New Audi A5 Sportback 2017 come with includes alloy wheels 18 inches, automatic Xenon headlights, windscreen, LED lights, wipers, heated glasses, parking sensors front and rear, sunroof, spoiler, Trizone automatic climate control, Leather, power adjustable front seats 10 bar of its four positions, the rear seats, rear handle to the general garage, Bluetooth and stereo speakers 10 input satellite radio on the iPhone. The Cabriolet adds its lid edge of the wind blocker.

Options include package and include the convenience package, sport package (one of the front suspension tuned, selectable driving, black roof, sports seats), Black optic (gloss black wheels 19-inch summer wheels and black exterior finish) and package (adaptive lighting technology, a blind color monitor, computer, navigation system, camera rearview, the controller mounted on the center console, Google maps and services, Wi-Fi and a Bang & Olufsen stereo 14 speakers with a CD / DVD).

Audi A5 2017 Inside

Like the exterior of the New Audi A5 Coupe 2017, Inside its Audi A5 2017 interior has stood the test of time for many years in the history and continues to impress the simple, elegant and great things. Most of the controls logically placed and all the buttons and knobs feel. Loses some of the points in the absence of a USB port, exit the proprietary cable that supports the latest Apple devices only.

Front passengers will appreciate the well-shaped seats provide plenty of support for extended trips. More performance-oriented drivers may enjoy side are sports seats. The passengers in the seats set, on the other hand, you will find child-sized rooms with no legroom legs. At the top of the New Audi A4 2017 Convertible gets high marks for quick and seamless away from wind and road noise. Cargo capacity Coupe reaches 12.2 cubic meter, which is smaller than competitors. Audi A5 2017 Sportback two cubic feet, but folding rear seats offer good space for overflow.

Audi A5 2017 Engine

Audi A5 2017 Coupe is feeding a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that generates 220 horses and 258 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed transmission standard book Coupe, while the eight-speed automatic standard is optional on 2017 Audi A5 Convertible and 2017 Audi A5 Coupe. In testing, the 2018 A5 with the manual transmission accelerated to 60 mph class 6.3 seconds.

Audi A5 2017 Sportback
Audi A5 2017 Sportback

Epa estimates fuel economy at 26 mpg combined (22 mpg city / 32 mpg highway) The transfer of experience. The machine is rated at 25 mpg combined (21 cities / 30 highway) for the Coupe and 24 mpg combined (21 city / 29 highway) for the convertible. These estimates are better than in the classroom.

Audi A5 2017 Safety

Standard safety features for all models 2017 A5 include greenhouse brakes, traction control stability, and sensors front and rear parking and the side airbag and knee in the front seat. The Coupe in addition to the other airbag curtain benefits the whole body. A blind monitor is optional.

In brake testing, the 2017 A5 Coupe with 19-inch wheels and summer tires came to a stop from 60 mph in 108 feet. Audi A5 2017 model is an impressive distance, but what we expect similar vehicles like Audi A4, Audi A6Audi R8, Audi RS4, Audi RS5.

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