Alfa Romeo 4c 2017 – The Spider Convertible

The Alfa Romeo 4C 2017 is a sports car of the Italian automobile brand Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo 4C was introduced in March 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show as a design study. The non-driving exhibit was designed and manufactured by Vercarmodel Saro , as the designer on the lettering is called the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. In October 2012 the first prototype was seen in Turin and the doors were no longer integrated into the side air intakes.

In March 2013 Alfa Romeo showed the serial version of the 4C at the Geneva Motor Show. The most striking difference to the study are the modified headlights.

The first serial copies of a launch edition for the launch of the market were ordered at the fair in Geneva and delivered in Balocco in Europe at the end of October 2013. The vehicle is assembled by Maserati in Modena . At the Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS) in January 2015, Alfa Romeo introduced the convertible version of the 4C. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is already known from the 2017 4C Coupe. The Spider weighs about 10 kilos more than the Coupe, which brings 895 kilograms on the scales. In the summer of 2015 the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider came onto the market in Germany.

Alfa Romeo 4c 2017 Design

The Alfa Romeo 4c 2017 model’s design is based on the Alfa Romeo 33 stradale from the sixties. A fully carbon fiber 4C monocoque weighs 65 kilograms and is manufactured by TTA (Tecno Tessile Adler), a joint venture between Adler and Lavorazione Materiali Compositi (LMC) in the city of Airola. Subframes, chassis parts, diffuser and roof amplifiers are made of aluminum . The rejection of steel elements allowed to reduce the mass of the car by 20%. The mass ratio is 40/60% in favor of the rear axle. As standard, the body of the car is red Alfa Red, but also the car is painted in a rarer white Carrara White.

Alfa Romeo 4C 2017 Model

Alfa Romeo 4c 2017 Spider

The Alfa Romeo 4c 2017 Spider body was first shown as a pre-sale concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. The engine was exactly as in the coupe version, but the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider had various exterior elements, such as headlights, exhaust system and engine cover.

Alfa Romeo 4C 2017 Coupe
Alfa Romeo 4C 2017 Coupe

2017 Alfa Romeo 4C
2017 Alfa Romeo 4C

The company added that it was also necessary to change and strengthen some engine settings to cope with the removal of the top of the car, because of this it was necessary to increase the mass of the car by 45 kg. As a result, the dry weight was 940 kg. The maximum speed is 257 km / h (160 mph) and the acceleration to 100 km / h is 4.5 seconds. The novelty for the Alfa Romeo 4c 2017 model in the Spider body is the new special yellow color of the car.

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