Advantages of hiring Limousines Services

We believe that using limousines services speaks for itself. But, we will tell you what the reasons and advantages of hiring these services can be. Also, if you are going to Canada is a journey worth taking for a celebration. Check the list of cities in which we offer these services.

If you are thinking of making a gift, a tour in Limousine could be a gift, a surprise. We propose a plan full of elegance and fun.

  • We offer accessories: a bottle of cava or Lambrusco, snacks and more. If you had any cravings, just let us know and we’ll get to it. We want this moment to be unique and special.
  • We pick you up and leave you at the exact point you indicate.
  • We have VTC cards (Transport Vehicles with Chauffeur), and we are the only business in the sector that can say this.
  • Our InkasLimos have the best brands like (Ford, Excursion, Lincoln, and Hummer). They have a capacity of up to 14 people. You can enjoy a relaxing tour of the seafront in Canada. We can boast our prices. We offer economic rates, which, when accepting groups, the price per person is very acceptable.
  • You will listen to the music that you like the most and, if you want, you can even dine inside.
  • We have several sizes of limousines to suit the group.

Love in the limousines

Valentine’s Day, your wedding day, your partner’s birthday, surprise your boy by picking him up in a limousine. Stroll through Montreal in a classic limousine, in a luxury and high-end vehicle. Choose the best custom limo builders choose brand you like best between Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Jaguar, Austin, Bentley, Morgan, and Mercedes.

We are specialists in bridal services. Our classic cars are preferred at weddings. So, if you are planning this important day, hire a professional and exquisite service. To avoid making last-minute surprises. Imagine the perfect night and add a limo.  

Packs and offers

We have several packs and several offers to complement your evening. A limousine dinner or a boat party to which we take you in the limousine!

These packs are:

  • Limousine pack plus 2 bottles of cava or Lambrusco
  • Disco bus limousine pack plus two bottles
  • Dinner pack plus limousine
  • Dinner pack with limousine show
  • Boat party pack plus limousine.

Find out the prices and dates available on our website. Do not miss the offers of these packs.

Limousine services 

There is no doubt if you are in Canada, and you want a limousine, come to visit our office in Toronto. We offer all kinds of related services.

  • Limousine bridal services.
  • Airport transfer services.
  • Transfer service to hotels, congresses, and events.
  • Pick up at the point you indicate.
  • Option to stop in a specific area to take photos.
  • Bottles of alcohol and snacks.
  • Music. You can bring it in any electronic device that we will connect to the vehicle.
  • Tour of the area.
  • Completion at the chosen point.
  • Shows and shows.


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