A Custom Car Appraisal Protects Your Investment

As a classic or custom car own, you certainly enjoy your time in your ride, and you should protect it by getting a custom car appraisal. With an updated appraisal, you’ll be able to safeguard your investment in many circumstances. Our professional custom car appraisers are the perfect partners to help you do just that. 

An appraisal can help you with finding the right insurance for your car. You can give the appraisal to different companies to find the right one for you. Specialty insurance companies for classic cars will require an appraisal. You also avoid having an insurance appraiser assign your car a low market value when they appraise your vehicle because they don’t know how to properly appraise customizations and modifications, and they likely don’t have data on the latest in comparable sales data.

Additionally, getting an appraisal can be helpful during legal proceedings, like bankruptcy or estate settlement. You might also find an appraisal is required for financial audits, and it is definitely necessary for tax donation purposes. An appraisal can keep these processes moving along smoothly while protecting your investment. 

If you want to buy a car, an appraisal can uncover any problems that should be repaired. You may be able to use what is found as points for price negotiation as well. The appraiser takes dozens of high-resolution photos and detailed notes. You’ll get a digital and printed copy of the report to help you decide whether the buy, negotiate or walk away. 

A pre-purchase inspection can save you time away from work and family as well as travel expenses if you live far from a vehicle you are considering buying. Also, if you aren’t comfortable to inspect the vehicle yourself, then it is a smart investment to have an appraiser examine it closely for you before you buy. 

An appraisal can also work in your favor if you want to sell the car. You’ll need to know its complete condition and what it’s worth. You’ll then be able to make necessary repairs and avoid putting it on the market for too much. You’ll sell the car faster if it’s priced right. 

A custom car appraisal can help you save time and money. You’ll feel more confident to move forward with insurance, buying, selling, and handling legal processes. Contact us when you’re ready to have a professional appraiser examine your vehicle. 

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