5 Benefits of Installing Slip Resistance Car Flooring and Car Mats

Slippages are experienced by people of all ages and most of them end up being benign, passing events that we all usually just shrug off – even though they can give us quite a surprise. 

However, a lot of slippages also tend to lead to accidents that can possibly become life-threatening. 

That said, these mats obviously were designed to prevent such untoward events from happening. Therein also lies their main benefit of providing as much safety as possible for all the passengers (the driver included) that use your car.

But did you know that there are other benefits of car floor mats that only increase their overall value further?

Read on, to know the complete benefits of slip resistance car mats. 

  • Slip resistance car mats heighten safety

If you think getting in and out of a vehicle does not pose any risk of danger at all, think again. There’s actually a lot of people who can attest to mats and car floorings that tend to become very slippery.

Just think about mats that tend to become wet when it’s rainy outside; some even harbor shallow pools of water that only increase you or your passengers’ chances of slipping further. 

With the firm footing that you can get thanks to slip resistance car floor liners, such safety issues will essentially be removed.

These mats are designed with increased traction, after all, that will prevent anyone from sliding when stepping on them. 

You can immediately see these in car floor liners with 3D or 5D designs. Notice the way they have raised edges that provide the said added traction?

These elevations are often found on both sides of the car floor mats so that the mat won’t slide away and prevent you from slipping as well.

Very good examples of these kinds of mats are the ones available in MudSmart

Ultimately, though, the safety perk that you can’t deny and can be considered as the most important is that these mats also help to prevent vehicular accidents.

These can lead to more problems, not least of which are damage compensations and even death. Slippages can also cause the driver to miss braking on time, after all. With high-traction mats, the driver will never have to worry about placing his wet shoes on the car floor. 

  • Keeps the mats from getting wet as much as possible.

Mats with slip resistance are often also designed to be waterproof; in fact, it won’t be farfetched to say that the two almost always go together.

All-weather mats serve as a great example of mats that practically wicks away any type of liquid that touches it. Custom car floor liners with the same properties almost always have this feature as well. 

With this comes the added bonus of keeping your vehicle free from any kind of mold or unwanted mildew. These are often prone to appear in car floor mats that are continuously exposed to moisture, and when not addressed quickly could actually lead to health problems for you and your regular passengers. 

  • Adds a nice touch of aesthetics to your car

We also can’t deny the fact that these mats lend themselves a lot to beautifying your vehicle, especially if you know how to pick your designs, colors, and how the mats will blend well with the car’s interior design.

If you are a professional driver with regular clients, these stylish slip resistance mats will undoubtedly leave a very good impression on them. 

A lot of brands like MudSmart do not ignore the style of their mats, even as they offer mats that are all about functionality. Their product lineups are clear proofs of this, as they actually offer you the freedom to have your mat custom molded specifically to fit your car floor’s dimensions and interior aesthetics.

  • Boosts the protective features of car floor mats 

Car floor mats are mainly designed to keep the car floor from being subjected to damage as much as possible.

What’s good is that slip resistance car mats are also often designed to be very resistant to damage and degradation. Keep in mind that not all mats can easily shrug off elements that can cause wear and tear over time. 

Since most slip-resistant mats stave off moisture, any kind of water-related damage can effectively be avoided.

This sole fact asserts the importance of car floor mats not only in protecting your car from damage but from helping you save more money in the future as well. 

After all, what do damages in most of your utilities entail in the first place?

More repair costs. If you are not already aware of it, damage to the car flooring are often associated with lofty repair expenses. All the worse if you end up with a car floor that has no other option but a replacement. This very real scenario only illustrates the cost-effectiveness of installing slip resistance car floor liners. 

  • Increases the value of your car

Once all the advantages of slip resistance car mats kick in, it only inevitably leads to a car with greater overall value.

Yes, vehicles are bound to degrade over time, but if you take the time and effort to shield it from negative elements and factors that can damage it, it will only slow down its decrease in value.

You should even consider the possibility of a high-quality car floor mat upping the sale price of your car if it so happens that you decide to sell it. 


As is apparent from the facts stated above, car floor liners that have naturally high slip resistance could give any car owner peace of mind every time he is driving his vehicle.

It pays off to invest in these mats, especially if you’ll be using your car for a long time and want to keep their value intact and even bump it up a little.

But, in the end, it’s really all about maintaining everyone’s safety while inside and operating a vehicle.

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