3 Incredible Benefits Of Cycling

In recent years, an increasing number of people have chosen to bike to work. Many cities are beginning to embrace bike-friendly initiatives to make it safer for people to cycle as well. If you have the habit to go to work early, biking to work is a good alternative. One common complaint, however, is that you will be tired and sweaty when you arrive to the workplace. But, if you arrive 30 minutes early, there’s enough time to clean up, make a cup of coffee and rest before starting your day.

Here are just some of the benefits of cycling:

It’s Cheap-fuel prices are fluctuating and, at times, they could be very expensive. Due to gradual inflation, public transport costs always go up. Every year, costs for taking buses or subways tend to increase slightly. If you choose to ride a bike every day, the inflationary costs are usually related to bike maintenance. If you bike to work, grocery stores or other places, you may save upwards of $750 a year in public transport costs, fuel, and car maintenance.

Stay Slim-a physically active lifestyle ensures a good metabolic rate as your body steadily burns fat and calories. For a few hours after 30-minutes of cycling, your body still continues burning calories. If you do this every day, the physical benefits will be profound. If you want to burn calories even faster, you should bike at a faster pace. This allows you to burn up to three times more body fat compared to those who bike at a slower pace. Excessive running could increase the risk of injuries on your joints and feet. When cycling, your body doesn’t endure as much battering. If your joints start to get a bit achy due to repeated impacts when running, it is an indication to change the way you exercise. You can cycle for a few days until it’s the right time for you to jog again.

Save The Planet-cycling produces virtually zero pollution. An average car may release five tons of carbon dioxide each year, contributing to global warming. By cycling more often, you can lower your annual carbon footprint. Rush hour traffic during peak hours could be at a crawl, while the average cycling speed is typically much faster.

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