3 Auto Parts that Are Most Likely Ignored During Maintenance

Most car owners love their car and pay attention to maintenance. But every car has some maintenance parts that we might ignore. Although these parts are difficult to reach, they have a vital effect on driving safety, or can affect the braking performance and fuel consumption of the car, and some even affect the safety of the owner. In addition to regularly going to the repair shop for regular maintenance on time, the maintenance of some small places is also worthy of the attention of all car owners, because their maintenance and care are related to the comfort and safety of your driving.

  1. Brake disc

The brake disc and the brake shoe are a pair of friction pairs. If the brake shoes are worn, then the brake disc will definitely be worn too. This is very simple, but many people only pay attention to changing the shoes when maintaining the vehicle. However, it is often overlooked to replace the brake disc.

The consequences of excessive wear of the brake disc are very serious. Firstly, due to the reduction of the flatness of the surface, the actual contact area is reduced, resulting in insufficient braking force. In addition, the heat capacity of the brake disc after wear is reduced, and the brake is continuously braked. When the temperature rises quickly, it is more prone to thermal decay. All of this is very dangerous when driving. Some repair shops put the heavily worn brake discs on the lathe for surface treatment, commonly known as “disc”, so that the surface is flat, but the disc becomes thinner, and the thermal decay during braking will be more serious. In addition, temperature gets higher during processing cause the brake disc to anneal, further reducing the mechanical strength. Generally, the brake disc should be replaced after the brake shoe has been replaced 2 to 3 times. Don’t feel bad about these hundreds of dollars. After all, human life is priceless.

  1. Car chassis components

There are many components on the chassis that are more likely to be damaged. The parts of the chassis that are prone to failure are mainly:

  • damper

Oil leakage is a precursor to damage to the damper. In addition, the bumps on the bad road surface are significantly increased or the braking distance is longened. This is also a sign of damage to the damper.

  • rubber bushing

After the rubber bushing is damaged, the vehicle will have a series of defaults such as deviation, swinging, etc. Even if it has done four-wheel positioning, it will not help. If the chassis is carefully inspected, the rubber sleeve damage is easy to find.

  • steering rod

A loose steering rod is a serious safety hazard, so be sure to check this part carefully during routine maintenance. The practice is simple: hold the lever and shake it vigorously. If it is not shaking, it means everything is normal. Otherwise, the ball or lever assembly should be replaced.

  • exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe is one of the most vulnerable parts of the car’s bottom, so don’t forget to take a look during the inspection. In particular, the exhaust pipe with a three-way catalytic converter should be carefully inspected.

The above several chassis parts should be regularly inspected and replaced regularly. Therefore, high-quality chassis components are important for smooth driving and personal safety. Like AA-TOP, a group company specialized in auto spare parts with several high-tech production bases in China which including development,production and sales. Its Engine Mount, Strut Mount, Control Arm, Tie Rod, Bushing, Timing Belt, V-Ribbed Belt and Cogged V-Belt had passed ISO/TS16949 quality management system,and exported to more than 100 countries, inclucing Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia,etc. Long term cooperation with big buyers and famous brands had been established in Germany, USA, Turkey and other countries.

  1. Windshield wiper

There are fewer opportunities to use the wiper. Therefore, some car owners do not pay much attention to the abnormal state of the wiper blade. The problem is usually very serious until the effect of the wiper is affected. In addition to daily use, if there is less water on the front windshield, it is easy to increase the wear of the wiper. When there is a heavy thing on the front windshield, such as tbirds like pigeons, avoid using the wiper directly. Since the material of the wiper blade is mainly rubber, it will age and harden for a long time. The owner can purchase a rubber curing agent from the auto supply store, and spray it to the rubber part of the wiper blade every month to protect the rubber strip. In addition, when the wiper is found to be incompletely wiped, it is also possible to purchase a wiper blade repairer that rubs against the rubber portion of the wiper blade to repair the irregularly worn portion.

As long as we carefully observe, we can find some small problems in the car in advance and take timely safety precautions. When replacing parts, you should also select high-quality parts, such as AA-TOP for auto rubber parts.

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