2018 Citroën Jumper

2018 Citroën Jumper

The new 2018 Citroën Jumper is proud to have high quality professionals who have been tested over four million kilometers by specialized engineers. The new model was subjected to specific tests, including 30,000 km on unpaved roads, empty and fully loaded, to check the structure, comfort and durability of the body, 1000 drilling operations in 10 cm of water, to test the tightness, as well as tests carried out in several centimeters of water in a tunnel that projects saline water to validate the corrosion resistance, more than 500 test cycles of traces of low adhesion, for check the 500,000 door closing tests, which represents more intensive use over a 10-year period.

The new 2018 Citroën Jumper benefits from the best know-how of Citroën in terms of design, ergonomics (connectivity and comfort), safety and economy. This new version offers robustness and reliability without cracks, which gives you peace of mind in your daily life en route. Because New Jumper is a tireless business partner, Citroën has progressed in quality, offering more design, more comfort and more useful technology, all on a moderate budget.

2018 Citroën Jumper Engine

Citroën Jumper 2017 model is available in a wide range of versions with three lengths (3 m, 3,45 m, 4,04 m) and three heights (L1, L2, L3, L4) and three heights (H1, H2, H3). This means a total of eight van sizes, with volumes of 8 to 17 cubic meters.

The 2018 Jumper budget sets a new benchmark in operating costs, reducing fuel consumption by 1.3 liters per 100 km (and CO2 emissions by 34 g / km) compared to its predecessor. The new 2018 Jumper Stop & Start system, powered by the e-HDi 130 and e-HDi 150 engines, stops the engine when it stops to reduce fuel consumption by 0.5 liters per 100 km under urban driving New Jumper also has one of the longest maintenance intervals in this class of vehicles: 48,000 km or 2 years.

Citroen Rally 2017
Citroen Rally 2018

Citroen Jumper 2017
Citroen Jumper 2018

2017 Citroen Jumper Colors
2018 Citroen Jumper Colors

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