2017 Citroën C4

2017 Citroën C4 integrated vehicle made by the French automobile manufacturer Citroën since autumn 2004. Citroën C4 is an alternative  of Citroën Xsara. 2017 Citroën C4 works similarly to the Leopard 308, founded in 2007. The update of the C4 version of 2014, with a new finish, light and review board, began in 2008/2009.

In January 2010, Citroën C4 has announced that the coupé version was not in use, but instead of Citroën DS4. The 2017 C4 has been awarded the second Car Car Award for 2005. The second generation Citroën C4 made its debut in 2010 at the Paris Paris Salon before the beginning of September. The new Citroën C4 model is much larger than the previous model and was only available through five doors. The three-foot version left the company in France due to lower generation sales for the past three years, and to avoid the risk of DS3 selling “redemption”.

2017 Citroen C4 Design

Compared to the outgoing model, the new design of the French platform is smaller than the eccentric. Usually, the lines are too low, the front is reflected in large groups with a “cut” aggression upwards and “step” below. The transparent grille on the front grille is made by Citroën, made with medium logo extensions. The hood of the engine come with two long-term, and an aggressive bumper, back, fins too, sticks in the air and two lamps and two light machine guns.

The Citroën C4 side view shows two long-term ribs, only one above the door frames and the other bottom. The tail is seen in clusters that slowly insert the side and part of the box into the box. The big bumper appears hundreds of the bottom view, but at the same time elevates the load line. The dashboard is the second in the 2017 series Citroen C4 is shown with blue backlit instrumentation in different tones, including digital analog technology.

The board, with the current features, is also modern, and has ribs, especially at the top, which include the outer lines of the body. The drive wheel does not have a fixed port like the first generation. The seats have sports facilities, with windows on the side, but offer little support for the side. The sofa is divided according to the standard pattern now 60-40, but not yet. The luggage room provides about 408 liters of normal, up to 1,183 liters, by reducing the back of the rear seat.

2017 Citroen C4 Equipment

The 2008 model model model is called X. The best team is SX and beyond, there is already an SX Pack. All C4 models have standard equipment including anti-lock ABS, emergency, six airbags, computer cards, bike control and limited speed. In July 2007, a new VTRS system was introduced. The cooperation is available in 2 liters of gasoline and diesel for Berline HDi 5. The services are available for both automatic and dynamic boxes.

2017 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
2017 Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

The applications are installed. to control the condition of the ESP, to control the stability of the ESP, skin supporting the driver’s seat, maximum leather per wheel, skin power supply compatible before and after, to store goods loads, the plug power in the 12 volt in the center console, armrests and back panels with room storage, CD radio and coding system.

2017 Citroën C4 Engine

The second series 2017 Citroen C4 is provided with some low resistance rolling tires, and 200 kg of polymer used for each sample, about 30 were natural. The structure of the Mk2 C4 and C4-II is found in the first series: the speed of change, but there are new developments in this regard.

To make the car very comfortable, the configuration geometry has been slightly modified, retaining the early patterns of the latest C4, check some points to improve the life on the board. In addition, the new hubs use improved and useful raba. The brakes have a need and there is no air, ABS and standard ESP for 2017 Citroen C4.

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